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Award winning Adjust-A-Wings reflectors designed for Grow Rooms.

Invented by lighting specialist and plant guru Mr Paul Cronk BSc, in Australia in 1995, the Adjust-A-Wings Reflectors double-parabolic reflector was revolutionary. The creation of the ‘double parabolic’ shape, which disperses heat from the lamp and produces a mathematically uniform light distribution over the plant canopy, was groundbreaking when indoor gardening was in its infancy. And is a speciality horticultural lighting solution today.

Adjust-A-Wings were designed and built to give the finest quality, most consistent, canopy-penetrating and plant-friendly light for climate rooms and grow rooms and are ideal for heat-sensitive plants.

Creation Wholesale is a UK distributor for Adjust-A-Wings products. If you’re interested in becoming a retailer of Adjust-A-Wings, get in touch for wholesale information and prices today on 01889 579 444.