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Moonshine® is a brewed plant biostimulant designed to encourage remarkable plant growth, terpene production and condition. Use it in your feeding program from seed to flush, and you’ll have healthier, stronger and more disease-resistant plants. Moonshine® is pH stable, won’t change your EC, and can be used with any manufacturer’s nutrient program.

Moonshine® is 100% biodegradable and contains no carcinogens or PGRs. Use with any soil, growing medium or hydroponic system.

Moonshine Nutrient Enhancer® will:

  • Increase the cation-exchange capacity and fertility of your growing medium by letting nutrients and trace elements be more easily absorbed through the roots. And will provide your plants with a good source of growth amino acids and stimulators.
  • Encourage cell division in roots and shoots, bud growth and essential oil production, thanks to growth stimulators, which contain naturally occurring levels of gibberellin, auxin and Cytokinin plant hormones.
  • Help the movement of sugars through the plant, improving smell and taste by taking them to the places they are needed.
  • Give plants a greater resistance to cold damage and drought.

For the best results, reduce the feed rate by one third and add Moonshine® at the stated rate when using mineral plant feed.

Creation Wholesale is a UK distributor for Moonshine®. If you’re interested in becoming a retailer of Moonshine®, get in touch for wholesale information and prices today on 01889 579 444.