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Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet - Creation UK Hydroponics Equipment Supplier

Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet eliminates 99.99% of root rot and grow room problems.

Developed to get rid of the issues brought on by plant infections and diseases, Silver Bullet is a world-class product that prevents and destroys grow room complications. Along with hydrogen peroxide, Silver Bullet’s iconic silver helps destroy fungi and bacteria.

Silver Bullet Roots

Helping to eliminate and prevent Pythium, Silver Bullet Roots is also an effective bactericide, sporicide, fungicide, amoebacide, virucide and algaecide. Silver Bullet Roots provides unmatched stability in tanks for up to five weeks and promotes healthy white roots.

Silver Bullet Mist

Don’t want to leave sanitation and sterilisation to chance in your grow room? Silver Bullet Mist gets rid of grey mould (botrytis), Pythium, Fusarium, powdery mildew, Yellow and Brown leaf spot—destroying 99.99% of grow room problems.

Creation Wholesale is a UK distributor for Silver Bullet. If you’re interested in becoming a retailer of Silver Bullet, get in touch for wholesale information and prices today on 01889 579 444.

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